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Institute: Mission & Vision

The objective of the Institute of Terezín Composers is to promote the works of Terezín composers and to publish the results of research and documentation activities. The Institute shall integrate the scientific activities of different foundations and coordinate the efforts of relevant international research teams. The Institute also serves as a study centre that provides complete and reliable information to scholars and members of the general public about the life and work of Terezín’s artists. On a broader scale, the Institute seeks to explore Holocaust music and support it by organizing concerts and operas along with performances of popular music and cabaret.

The most important activity of the Institute is the project of critical edition of the works of Terezín authors (in cooperation with publishers). The mission of the Institute is to collect all available documents written by Terezín composers as well as written materials about them. Thus, musical experts, musicians and the public will be able to study the life and work of composers in the context of the place where the works were completed. To this end, a library containing printed documents, originals or copies of manuscripts and musical literature relating to a wide cross section of 20th century music will be created.

In addition, an extensive archive of image documents and audio-visual recordings will be set up. It is expected that the library will also collect material on a broader scale about the music and culture of the Holocaust in general.

The Terezín composers had a large audience during their lives and even today they reach out to the world’s public. There are many manuscripts, correspondence and other documents located in a number of public institutions or owned by private individuals around the world. The aim of the Institute is to promote, preserve, collect and copy these documents on a long-term basis, which is a challenging task.

However, we assume that with the creation of the Institute and its services, Terezín will become the place for those who want to explore the works of Terezín composers and that the Institute will be able to provide concise information to interested parties from around the world. The Institute shall thus preserve the cultural heritage which could otherwise be lost and forgotten.

The main activities of the Institute will be:
  • research activities, educational activities and projects
  • project of critical edition of composers’ works
  • library, documentary centre
  • yearbook, newsletter, services for members
  • academic conference (every two years)
  • music festival Everlasting Hope (VĚČNÁ NADĚJE) – close cooperation, lectures, courses of young people in Terezín
Legal form

Non-profit organization founded by private, legal and other entities.

The Institute was founded as a registered association.