Call for Papers

2-day Student Conference

Tuesday, August 20th ─ Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

The Terezín Composers Institute invites paper proposals for an international student conference to mark the anniversary of the births of Pavel Haas (1899–1944), Hans Krása (1899-1944) and Gideon Klein (1919-1945), three of the most important composers who were interned in Terezin.  While we welcome papers on these three main figures, there were also other composers working in the complex setting of the Terezín ghetto. While some of them crafted simple lullabies and cabaret songs, a core group had helped to form and shape the character of the Central European pre-war avant-garde—involving such cities as Prague, Vienna, Berlin, Budapest and Brno–while still others only developed their promising talents after imprisonment.

In addition to the focus on composers active in Terezin, we are also inviting topics concerning musicactivities in a broader sense, including such things as cultural associations and clubs, related to this subject by their geographical setting, origin or function.

Our threefold goal is to foster a critical examination of canonical musical values, encourage the study of neglected aspects of musical culture, and to initiate various questions with respect to alternative conceptualisations of music history.


Terezín composers and music & Music before and around Ghetto Theresienstadt


The conference will be held in Terezín on August 20–21, 2019.

Please, submit proposed titles and abstracts by May 1, 2019, to the following e-mail:

Abstracts should be no more than 1,800 characters in length, and should contain the main hypothesis, information on the material under inspection and the method employed, and also research results.

Submissions will be evaluated by the members of the Academic Committee. Applicants will be notified no later than May 31st, 2019.

Applicants whose proposals have been accepted are expected to participate in the conference.

Conference languages

The conference will be conducted in English.


Participationin the conference is free of charge for presenters of accepted papers.

Conference committee

  1. Prof. Michael Beckerman
  2. Dr. Primavera Driessen Gruber
  3. Dr. JitkaBajgarová
  4. Prof. Yuval Shaked
  5. Prof. Lubomír Spurný


Please send any queries to Prof. Lubomír Spurný: (